A Bass Clarinet for Ralph Yarl

Thank you to CASSGB members who helped support the GoFundMe campaign to help help purchase a bass clarinet for Ralph.

On April 13, Ralph Yarl – a young Black man, a gifted high school student, and a committed bass clarinet player – was shot in the head twice when he knocked on the wrong door to pick up his younger brothers from a friend’s house. This terrible act of violence was reported on the BBC website.

Many people have responded with great generosity to a GoFundMe campaign set up by Ralph’s aunt to help with medical costs. Their kindness has meant so much to Ralph and his family.

It turns out that, that while Ralph is a passionately committed musician, he doesn’t own his own bass clarinet. Members of the American clarinet community conceived the idea of setting up a separate GoFundMe to buy Ralph the bass clarinet of his dreams. A motivated Buffet dealer (Lisa of Lisa’s Clarinet Shop) has agreed to provide a wonderful Tosca low C bass clarinet at the price charged to her by Buffet. This funding campaign has been set up with the support of Ralph’s family, and with Ralph’s own input about the clarinet.

The campaign target has now been reached and is no longer accepting contributions.