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An organisation for everyone.

The Clarinet and Saxophone Society of Great Britain was founded in 1976 for the benefit of anyone with an interest in these instruments and the music playable on them (which increasingly means just about anything!).

Our Mission: To encourage, in any way the Society sees fit, the enjoyment, appreciation, knowledge and understanding of the instruments of the clarinet and saxophone families and the music playable on them.

We are very proud to be an organisation for everyone, young or old, keen amateur, student or celebrated soloist, from Great Britain or abroad. We know that everyone who joins will be looking for something slightly different from the Society, and this is reflected in the breadth of our quarterly Clarinet & Saxophone magazine and the range of events we run, from soloist and chamber competitions, to play days, repair workshops, and conferences. Our aim is the promotion of the clarinet and saxophone across Great Britain and the fostering of a sense of community among all those who play these instruments. CASS believes passionately in keeping the arts in a prominent place in contemporary society, and in these challenging times we hope to be among those to support the arts that they might be there for all to enjoy in the future. With this in mind, we offer funding for events and new works.

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We have an excellent sheet music library that is free for CASSGB members. All you've got to do is pay for the postage. We have only thousands of items ranging from solo clarinet or saxophone to large ensembles.

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Find out more about our funding opportunities. CASSGB prides it self in support its members and their exciting projects.

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